Emily Shier, Ruby Vanderzee, and Gretchen Struve have been trained by Jenny West, Certified Mongon Method HypnoBirthing® Instructor, in HypnoBirthing® Doula Support Techniques. The studies they completed were designed for traditionally-trained doulas and have provided them with the specific techniques and philosophical information they need to professionally support HypnoBirthing® couples in hospital or home birth settings.

We encourage you to learn more about hypnobirthing and consider incorporating it into your birth preparation: www.hypnobirthing.com

In Madison, we recommend you contact Hypnobirthing Instructor Kerstin Smith at 608-658-8533 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Her website is www.gentlesurge.com

HypnoBirthing® Mothers are making choices -- creating change!

• In 2007 15.5% of US HypnoBirthing® mothers birthed via C-Section, compared the the national average of 32%
• 12% of HypnoBirthing® mothers chose to birth in the comfort of their homes. The national average is less than 1%.
• 6% of HypnoBirthing® mothers chose to birth in freestanding birth centers. The national average is less than 1%.
• Over 70% of HypnoBirthing® mothers birthing vaginally had unmedicated births.