Tier 3


  • Certified Birth Doula, DONA
  • Certified Postpartum Doula, DONA
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree
  • Certified Lamaze Childbirth Educator
  • Certified Lactation Counselor
  • Experienced in Hypnobirthing
  • Trained in TENS Unit Therapy
  • Member of the Breastfeeding Coalition of South Central Wisconsin
  • Certified in Infant, Child, and Adult CPR
  • Trained Lactation Counselor
  • Available for private in-home childbirth education sessions
  • Experienced in Bellycasting
  • Personal Experience- Mother of four healthy breastfed children

I feel it is the greatest honor to be asked to serve at a birth.  I have been blessed with this calling after serving women spiritually and emotionally for the last 12 years. Using my training, certifications and experience as a doula and a mom, I would love to guide you and your partner through your joyous birth.  I will involve your partner every step of the way to ensure he feels comfortable and connected.  I will provide you with experienced hands-on relaxation therapy, a warm presence, and a calm guiding voice alongside you.  I use a personal approach, integrating massage and other comfort measures during your labor to meet your individual needs.  I also provide breastfeeding support immediately after your birth.  In addition, if I have the privilege of assisting you, I'm always excited to provide a birth story of your experience that can be cherished forever.

I am available for postpartum work as well.  After the birth, it can be a trying time when adjusting to your new baby, especially when breastfeeding.  I am available for breastfeeding support, light housecleaning, cooking, infant and sibling care, and emotional support specifically centered around the recovering mom.

What families are saying about Doula Dawn...

Kim, Bill, & Baby Meta

We were so happy to have Dawn as our doula. It was so helpful to have a calming presence during the labor & birth. She helped to keep both of us centered & focused, especially when things got tough. We truly believe that because of Dawn we were able to avoid a c-section. Without her support & encouragement we don’t think we would have been able to have the natural, vaginal birth we desired. And we cannot thank her enough for that!

Julie, Tom, & Baby Abigail

Dawn has a very calm, knowledgeable presence.  We both felt really relaxed with her (not easy for my husband).  Her being there really allowed my husband to get comfortable and support me emotionally and physically in a way that was so beneficial for me and, that beforehand, he was nervous about being able to provide.  Her presence was needed and appreciated.

Heather, Adam, & Baby Amelia

Dawn was a great support, both emotionally and physically.  She reassured us that everything was progressing as it should and gave praise that i was doing a good job.  She helped  physically by holding my hand, helping me change positions and making me more comfortable.  I had my doubts about being able to birth naturally, but with the support of my husband, doulas, and doctor, everything went amazingly well and i had the birth I had hoped for and wanted.

Laura, Greg, & Baby Vivian

Dawn's participation in this event was invaluable.  Both for me and my husband, her calming presence and confident nature carried us through.

Tami, Andy & Baby Aria

Dawn did an amazing job at keeping Andy and I calm, focused and...well, positive! For me personally, having Dawn there to support Andy was wonderful. He wanted to be involved in the labor and birth and I feel that Dawn helped give him the guidance and confidence in order to play an important role. Also, her support and reassurance when it came to making decisions put both Andy and I at ease because we knew that Dawn knew and honored our birth wishes. Dawn has such a calming nature and natural approach to what  she does that it seems effortless. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services to anyone because she was truly a blessing and an amazing support throughout our birth. I think we both feel empowered by what we went through and we have Dawn to thank for a large part of that.

Kelda, Dan & Baby Arcadia

Dawn was a dream to work with. I can't imagine having a baby without a doula and now that we've had Dawn, we wouldn't want anyone else! Especially given how business-like our midwife and nurse were, I am glad we had Dawn's calm, warm presence with us to help us throughout the process and to maintain the atmosphere we were seeking. We are so grateful for Dawn's help in bringing our daughter into the world! And thank her for taking us on as clients even though it could have meant her missing Christmas with her girls. I'm really glad to have her birth story as well because Dawn remembered things that I hadn't and I was able to see it through someone else's eyes, in addition to my own perception. We will really cherish that.

Lenore, Dan & Baby Finn

Knowing that Dawn was aware of our birth plans and wishes and that she was an advocate for us with much experience helped us emotionally during the labor and birth. Dawn helped us to develop perspective and to understand if things that were happening were normal or if we should be aware of other options. She made us feel very prepared and comfortable about becoming first time parents and is clearly passionate about her work as a doula.

Kate, Tyler & Baby Madeline

Dawn's positive reassurance helped me during labor. She stayed really calm and kept being firm, but gentle, in her comments, especially when it was so hard. I am wondering if I had not had the prior information about natural birth and support from my family and Doula Dawn if I would have completely flipped out! There was the part of me that was very determined not to be numb during pushing, and I was grateful for Dawn's support and prior information to help keep me focused and grounded to keep going on the course we had originally planned. Thanks for the great postpartum meeting as well. I really needed Dawn's reassurance and advice with breastfeeding in those first few days. Additionally, Dawn did an amazing job writing Madeline's birth story. I was so delighted to have that story recorded, and with such great attention to detail! We will always treasure that.  Having Dawn at the birth also helped take some pressure off my mom and husband, it was great having her part of the team! Looking back, I couldn't be happier that Dawn was part of my birth experience. :)

Dr. Jill Mallory (as Healthcare Provider for Family)

Dawn has an excellent, calm presence.

Ben (with Dawn as Postpartum Doula)

Dawn listened to my wife and allowed her to openly express how she was feeling. She was able to naturally assist in our home. My wife felt at ease in her presence and was willing to accept her help, which she doesn’t readily do otherwise. Dawn gave us peace of mind and made a dent in our overwhelming do-to list.

Emily (with Dawn as Postpartum Doula)

One of Dawn’s most valuable aspects of her doula support was her non-judgmental support, especially her listening skills. She had such a gentle way with me, my older children and my infant. I felt I could trust her completely.

Adam (with Dawn as Postpartum Doula)

Dawn offered advice on adjusting to our role as new parents; breastfeeding, recovery, etc. She was excellent all the way around and we would definitely recommend her!

Julie (with Dawn as Postpartum Doula)

Dawn was VERY reassuring that everything was on track. She provided positive reinforcement. I think she is great!

Derek (with Dawn as Postpartum Doula)

Dawn was very thoughtful and provided good suggestions, especially with breastfeeding. She was great.