Belly Casting

What a beautiful thing, the belly of a woman carrying her baby!
And wouldn’t you LOVE to step outside of it and see what amazing shape you have taken!


Where? One of us will come to your home to create your belly cast privately & conveniently.

How much will it cost? Fee is $60 and includes all supplies.

Why might I have Beautiful Birth Doula Services do my belly cast? We offer this service because we are well-practiced at the art (therefore completing the project with the least mess, least time, & best result). It’s an excellent (and fun) bonding exercise to do with your doula. It can be done during one of our birth team-building sessions or separately.

How much time does it take?
Allow about 45 minutes for the belly casting session; once removed and stored in a safe place, cast takes a few days to dry completely.

When should I have a belly cast done? For an uncomplicated pregnancy, we recommend completing the cast around Week 37. Call or email Beautiful Birth Doula Services to schedule an appointment.

Why not just buy a do-it-yourself kit? If you’d like to try this art on your own, go for it! You’ll need a partner to help set the cast. The Happy Bambino (Madison) sells a kit for $30 (+$6 shipping if ordered online).

What do I do with it?
Hang it, display it, decorate it, anything you want! Some women have their partner hold it up for fun, some like to have one for each pregnancy so they can see how differently the same belly can take shape from baby to baby, some just make one IN CASE they love it- because you can’t go back and create it once the baby is born (then decide later if/how to use it).